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It’s our belief and experiences that things happen when you connect people together.

Better still, great things happen when you connect great people together.

Adrian Anderson, Designer, Front End Developer

Adrian Anderson is a brand, user interface and print designer, dedicated recreationalist and a lover of type. Since 2003, Adrian has worked with brand strategy through to the design and development of marketing deliverables and implementations for over 150 SMB’s through to the State and Federal Government sectors. As a passionate advocate of a device agnostic web he authored Agnostic Framework – a responsive HTML5 layout framework that has been adopted by many businesses, Government Departments and application developers. Since 2009 Adrian has shifted focus to mobile and web app design and development delivering concept development, branding and interfaces for several start-ups.  Adrian is a member of dotMaleny Meet Up.

Barry Earsman, Co-Founder, Kudos Knowledge

A Software Artisan with over 20 years experience, Barry has worked within various diverse domains including finance, digital health, fraud detection, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies. He’s comfortable at all levels of software development, from solution architecture to coding. Barry believes that technology is most powerful in the context of real human communities, and that we need both to navigate the rapidly developing global challenges of the modern age. His specialties include semantic, blockchain and Ethereum technologies.  A seasoned professional in software design, web applications, Agile Project Management and Methodologies.  Collaboration on the cutting edge is where Barry thrives.  Barry is a member of dotMaleny Meet Up.

Darcy Clark, Full Stack Developer

Darcy likes to build things that solve problems.   His strengths include knowledge and experience with Python, Ruby and Javascript web technologies.  With a background in ISO9001 Quality Management System, Web-based, SAAS, Software-as-a-Service for SMEs, Darcy is fluent in designing and developing specifications for web and mobile apps. Darcy is a member of dotMaleny Meet Up.

Dominique Collett, Founder, iSpruik

A Social Innovator who combines software development, creativity, design thinking and problem solving skills to create opportunities that are generally hidden across any industry. Easily connecting the dots to bring great people and ideas together to create magic.  Dominique believes the #FutureGotHereYesterday.  With today’s #SciFiReality we can leverage technology in unimaginable ways to help more people.  Dominique is a member of both Ethereum Brisbane Meet Up and Women Who Code Brisbane Meet Up.

Felix Watkins, Founder, Veon Industries

Felix has been immersed in technology for the past 8 years with skills in programing and development.  His expertise is blockchain, smart contracts, cryptocurrency and Ethereum. Felix’s project idea to create an “Ethereum Debit Card” received the 4th highest votes on The DAO. Felix has a brilliant, curious mind and is in his element solving complex problems with blockchain technology and decentralised applications.  Felix is a Organiser of the Ethereum Wellington Meet Up.

Gerard Burns, Co-Founder, iSpruik

Gerard has considerable ICT and project management experience in commercial and public organisations, mostly in the local Financial Services industry.  Effective at developing trust and teamwork with diverse stakeholders, Gerard has a strong customer service ethic, a keen ability to juggle priorities and balance organisational demands with the delivery capabilities of the team.  When not working, Gerard enjoys tinkering with older classical cars and motorcycles, and getting his hands dirty with renovations or restorations.  Gerard believes that the inequalities in today’s society, the divide between the “Haves” and the “Have-nots” is already causing too much grief.  It’s time to level the playing field.  This can happen but will need hard work, a team effort and some fun along the way.  Gerard is a member of both Bitcoin Brisbane Meet Up and Ethereum Brisbane Meet Up.

Graham Rogers, Co-Founder, iSpruik

Graham has 30 years’ experience designing and building business and financial models, developing strategies to build the bridge to sustainability, turning good ideas into reality, to visualise pathways to the next economy, to accelerate research and development commercialisation projects including sustainable technology and renewable energy portfolios.  Key strengths lie in his ability to establish formal strategies, structures, processes and systems to power the transformation of businesses through process mapping, hard and soft (living) systems thinking, alignment building and financial frameworks.  Graham is a strategic researcher and options generator who believes this is a critical time. Graham believes that we must create new organisations and demonstrate pathways to a sustainable future, to help humanity through its current crises and build the next post capitalist sustainable global society.  Graham is a member of the Ethereum Brisbane Meet Up.

Ivan Jasenovic, Founder, Sicoor

With 30 years in the ICT environment including 25 years as a business owner and consultant, technology solutions and support, Ivan’s “head is in the Cloud”. His specialisms include remote, mobile and cloud based solutions and producing secure product delivery systems for online line content. Ivan is pioneering blockchain integration with file and tracking tools to create a secure yet transparent transaction ledger and file storage for the health sector. Ivan’s project “myHealthIRL” was voted in the top 10 of The DAO. Ivan is the Organiser of the Sunshine Coast Blockchain Meet Up and a member of Ethereum Brisbane Meet Up.

Katrina Donaghy, Co-Founder, iSpruik

Katrina is a sociologist who has spent many years in the public and NFP sector working in a variety of roles. Her area of expertise is in the business of “fusion” which sees Katrina taking on a generalist approach to technology, working across disciplines and interest groups.  Katrina believes that the future of work will see the creation of new economies through leveraging skills, talents and resources driven by open and collaborative business models built on platforms.  Katrina is a member of both Bitcoin Brisbane Meet Up and Ethereum Brisbane Meet Up.

Kris Randall, Partner, CoCreations

Kris has loved computer programing since 1988 when his family got their first computer.  Working as a professional software developer for global companies in Australia, England and Holland in wide range of industries, Kris’s expertise is developing mobile apps.  He enjoys working on large projects that require innovation and creative solutions.  Kris believes in working to remove the barriers to a world where everyone has the freedom to pursue their heart’s desire. Kris is a member of dotMaleny Meet Up.

Lucas Cullen, CEO, Bitcoin Brisbane and Blockchain Consultant

Lucas is a software developer, previously working for startups and banks, and is currently studying a bachelor of Mathematics part time.  He first heard about bitcoin in 2011 and started mining soon after that. Lucas develops software for Bitcoin and blockchain related projects deploying Agile Project Management and Methodologies. Lucas is the Australian Coloured Coin Ambassador, is a Board Member with the Bitcoin Association of Australia and is the Organiser of the Bitcoin Brisbane Meet Up and a member of Ethereum Brisbane Meet Up.

Dr Ori Gudes, Co-Founder, GIS-Vision

Dr Gudes is a GIS expert and spatial scientist and has established his international reputation as a leader in GIS and Health and urban planning research. He has collaborated with researchers from the US, Canadian and Israeli universities in GIS through scientific committees, editorial board memberships, joint studies and conferences which he has organised. His research program can be summarised under the overall theme of improving health care and health planning evidence by utilising GIS and spatial modelling approaches. Dr Gudes has an extensive experience in teaching and training GIS courses and mentoring students (he is the unit coordinator of the Web Mapping Unit at Curtin University). His experience and knowledge also extends to web GIS environment, human geography and urban planning. As a colleague, he also feels that it is imperative to be surrounded by other enthusiastic specialists who share their knowledge and work in a collaborative manner.

Philip Browning, Director, Pb and Co

Philip is recognised strategist and trusted advisor with over 20 years’ experience in building collaborative relationships for innovative outcomes across government, private and not for profit sectors.  Adept and creative leader who seeks to draw out the potential of those around him and the opportunities he sees. Philip advises startups, NGO sector in areas of innovation and go-to-market strategies with a focus on regional development, AgTech, smart farming, big data, IoT/blockchain technology and smart communities.  Philip is by nature an orchestrator of people, ideas and resources.  Philip believes a smile begets a smile – and that how we relate to others and the world in large measure determines how others and the world responds to us. Philip is a member of the Sydney Ethereum Meet Up.

Stephen Alexander, Director, Stephen Alexander

Stephen Alexander is regarded as a thought leader in the art of creating meaningful value in the evolving interconnected, eco like on-line world, that is currently redefining the core requirements to not only survive but excel in a 21st century knowledge based economy.  He is much sought after by senior management within industry, government and social enterprises who, due to the global economic conditions are now expected to deliver more value for less cost and reduced risk by policy makers and shareholders alike. Stephen is a member of dotMaleny Meet Up.

Thomas Miller, Co-Founder, Transition Foundation

For Tom, being alive means designing your life by choice, and not feeling trapped by finances or corporate bosses sucking your life away. How is it, living in a world with an abundance of technology we still have a third of the planet wondering where they are going to get their next meal from? It is Tom’s mission to wake people up to the unlimited choices we have as individuals and allow them to see the solutions to the world’s problems, through a new type of education just made possible with the latest technology and at the same time awakening the human spirit we all have inside.  Tom is the Organiser of the Ethereum Brisbane Meet Up.

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“Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much”

Helen Keller

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